We help girls (ages 8-12) tap into their creativity & build self-confidence from the inside out. With the Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® Framework, your daughter will be happier and more confident the mighty girl way.

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What makes Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® so unique?

It's all about girl empowerment!

Hey mamma!

I believe every girl deserves to feel confident and brave especially between the ages of 8-12 when the tween confidence slump hits. Having worked with thousands of tween girls for more than 30 years as an art teacher and empowerment coach, I’ve seen many girls who were unable to see their true value and worth already at such a young age.

So, I created Mighty Girl Mighty Life ®, a unique collection of fun girl empowerment workshops and the online Mighty Girl Academy program that uses art to engage and inspire girls to be happier, more confident and beat the slump.

Alejandra ChavezFounder of Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® and creator of the Mighty Girl Academy online program.

Our Mightiest Products, Programs & Resources 

Book Alejandra to speak at your school, organization or charity and empower parents, teachers and students with actionable tips and strategies for girl empowerment the mighty girl way. 

(Available in-person and Online)

 Bring Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® to your school or community group. Delivered as full-day or half-day programs, we are on a mission to empower as many girls as we can, the mighty girl way. 
(Available Australia wide and International Schools too!)
Mighty Girl Academy 
  12-lesson program with printable girl empowerment kits, meditations and art projects that teach the 12 most important life skills your daughter needs to beat the slump and thrive. 
(Lifetime Access)

Start from anywhere in the world

Mighty Girl Workshops 
  Artsy crafty workshops designed to empower girls to be more confident in all areas of their lives while learning a new life skill and meeting and connecting with other mighty girls. 
(In-Person Option On The Sunshine Coast, QLD)

Available in-person & online

desk with the the cover of the mighty girl kit
The Mighty Girl Mighty Kit  
 Alejandra’s mightiest starter kit into the world of Mighty Girls that will inspire your daughter to be her happiest most confident self, the mighty girl way. 

Download the eBook

Mighty Girl Songs On Spotify
 Girls love music and when you combine empowering lyrics with a catchy tune you get mighty songs your daughter will love and learn from.

Listen to the songs

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Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® is a unique and fun girl empowerment program that uses art to engage and inspire girls ages 8-12 to be happier and more confident in themselves, the mighty girl way.   


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