The Art Club With The mightiest art projects your daughter needs to succeed in life

Monthly all access pass to downloadable art project kits & girl empowerment for creative girls ages 7-12

Boredom is no fun for anyone and what artsy crafty girls want are fun, unique projects that inspire and keep them happy and engaged on a regular basis

Just imagine…

The Mighty Girl Art Club has everything your artsy crafty daughter needs to create and develop herself from the convenience of your own home with just a little help from you    

The Mighty Girl Art Club is more than arts and crafts …

It's all about girl empowerment!

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Hey mamma!

Every girl deserves to know she is a mighty girl and having worked with thousands of tween girls for almost 30 years as an art teacher and empowerment coach, I’ve seen many girls who were unable to see their true value and worth already at such a young age.

The Mighty Girl Art Club, is a monthly subscription that uses art to engage and inspire girls to be brave and confident in themselves. We use art power + girl power to empow{HER}. 

Each month your daughter will receive an all access pass to downloadable art projects, activities and fun content inside the Mighty Portal, designed to tap into her creative spirit and empower her to believe in herself through the power of her creativity. Mindset, Emotions, Self-Love & Self-Care, Friendships, Kindness, are just some of the the important themes we cover every month. 

Say goodbye to boredom and hello Mighty Girl!

Alejandra ChavezCreator of Mighty Girl Mighty Life

Your Plan For a Happier & Empowered Mighty Girl

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Watch your daughter develop the skills and confidence she needs to succeed at life!

Designed to engage & empower creative girls



The Mighty Girl Art Club Membership is an online subscription for creative girls aged 7-12. Every month you receive straight to your inbox, exclusive access to digital Mighty Art Kits with powerful art projects and exclusive inspiring activities and content to hep your daughter be her happiest most confident self! Art power + girl power is how we empow{her} girls each month to believe in herself. 

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive your first kit plus a bonus gift, Mighty Doodles Mighty Life. Links to the ALL ACCESS monthly pass to the Mighty Girl Art Kits and activities will be sent to your registered email address every 31 days from the day you purchased the membership.

Better than a discount, the sibling is FREE! Share the Mighty Kit and remember to double up on art supplies.

The Mighty Girl Art Kits are designed specifically for girls who are 7-12 years of age. This the perfect age for girl empowerment and to set a strong foundation for the future. If your daughter is younger, we suggest you wait until she is 7 to gain the most out of the kits.

Not at all. We have intentionally made sure that supplies are easy to find and you most likely already have most of them at home!

O.M.G- YES! Mighty mammas are always welcome and encouraged to participate. Not only is this a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your daughter before she hits those TEEN years, what you’ll both learn as you learn about each Mighty Art Tool will also re-energize you and power you up with mighty mamma goodness. Oh and by the way, O.M.G stands for Oh Mighty Girl! Pretty clever don’t you think?

She has a whole month to create her mighty projects and girl power activities. Each kit has 2 main Mighty Tool projects to make and if your daughter is anything like our mighty girls in the MG tribe, she will be making a few versions of the mighty tools because they are so much fun. There are plenty of printable activities and mini mighty missions to keep her engaged, inspired and happy all month.

There are no refunds for membership fees already paid.  

You may cancel your membership renewal at any time. Cancelling the membership renewal prevents your payment method form being charged again when your monthly or annual subscription ends.Your daughter will continue to receive access to the Mighty Girl Art Kits and benefit from the Membership through the last day of your subscription.

After cancellation, you will not receive any further access to the Mighty Girl Art Kits and activities after your last pre-paid membership period expires. Cancellations can be entered in the Customer Billing Portal page. You should see the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button on that page. Reach out to us if you need any assistance at


Mighty Girl Mighty Life stores your name and email address on our servers. Your email address will be used to contact you about account status and other actions initiated on We will never sell your email address or use it for any purposes other than contacting you about Mighty Girl Art Kit membership concerns.


Credit Card info is not stored on servers. All credit card orders are processed via our transaction gateways, Paypal and All recurring billing is handled via their gateway services.


How mighty and wonderful are you to gift and share girl empowerment! Here’s what you do. When purchasing a membership for your family member, it’s best to use their name and email address to sign up.  If you have any questions, please contact

Mighty Girl Art Club Members are automatically billed every 30 days or 12 months as part of your chosen membership option.  You will receive a reminder email a couple of days before your membership expires alerting you that you will be billed for another 30 days or 12 month cycle. You do not need to re-enroll, membership will automatically renew until you decide to cancel.

"I can't wait for my mom to download my mighty kit because you get to make awesome Mighty Tools. 

Ms. Alejandra is so artistic and fun!"

Mighty Girl, Sarah M.

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$ 19 per/month
  • All Access Pass to Monthly downloadable art kits and activities
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  • Art power + girl power fun your daughter will love
  • Includes bonus Mighty Doodles Mighty Life eBook


$ 190 per/year
  • All Access Pass to Monthly downloadable art kits and activities
    sent straight to your inbox
  • Art power + girl power fun your daughter will love
  • Includes bonus Mighty Doodles Mighty Life eBook


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Mighty Girl Mighty Life is a unique and fun girl empowerment program that uses art to engage and inspire girls ages 7-12 to be happier and more confident in themselves. 

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