Mighty Moments

‘Mighty Moments’ is a half-day school program for girls between the ages of 8-12. The 3- hour course explores the importance of challenges and obstacles and how to see them as important learning tools to live a mighty life. Using a combination of artsy-crafty, interactive activities, the girls will learn how to turn any problem into a ‘mighty moment’. This program is designed to empower each girl to embrace the challenges that come our way with a growth mindset, the mighty girl way.


Attitude Of Mighty Gratitude

Appreciation and being grateful for everything in our lives is so important. An attitude of gratitude makes way for more happiness, positivity and confidence. The mighty girls will learn how to appreciate their way through challenges and setbacks with a new and mighty perspective. 

Walk The Mighty Talk 

What we say to ourselves impacts our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The mighty girls will learn that it’s not enough to just want to be a mighty girl. You must think, feel, speak and act like a mighty girl. Participants will come away feeling inspired and empowered to walk the mighty talk every single day.

Choose ONE Additional Complimentary Workshop 

A hands-on 50-minute workshop for parents on the importance of brain health in young kids and how to support them with easy tips and strategies to implement at home.


A 50-minute hands-on workshop to empower teachers with three easy mindfulness tools to give their students (and themselves) more headspace and calm in the classroom.

** Add On Talks **

A fun 45-minute workshop for girls and boys ages 8-12. During our time together, kids will learn the Power UP! technique to calm the body and power up the brain.
($7 Per Student)
flyer for parenting workshop
A powerful 80-minute workshop for parents of tween daughters between the ages of 8-12 that teaches actionable tips and strategies to help young girls be more confident starting at home.


desk with the the cover of the mighty girl kit
All half-day workshop participants receive a FREE digital download of the Mighty Girl Mighty Kit.

Contact us to find out more and to bring our Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® program, talks and workshops to your school. All workshops can be adapted for teens 13-16.

Girls lack unique activities that can tap into their creative spirit and build their self-confidence. Mighty Girl Mighty Life is a celebration of girl empowerment designed to empower creative girls ages 7-12 to believe in themselves!

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