"Loved her enthusiasm!'
"I understand how to help my daughter better."
"So inspiring!'

Every girl deserves to be the mighty girl 

she was born to be.

Alejandra has a very important message to share with parents and schools all over the world:

The secret to raising and empowering young girls in 5 simple steps that will change their lives. 


Here’s what we’ll discuss:


* The core mindset shifts and beliefs young girls need today to avoid the ‘tween confidence slump’. 

* Why girl empowerment is so important and why it needs to begin NOW in the tween years. 

* 5 powerful strategies that will empower girls to be more confident in all areas of their lives.


What Makes Alejandra's Speaking Events So Unique?

It's all about girl empowerment!

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Hi! I’m Alejandra Chavez

Having worked with thousands of tween girls for almost 30 years as an art teacher, former principal and empowerment coach, I’ve seen many girls who were unable to see their true value and worth already at such a young age.

I created Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® to engage and inspire girls to be happier and more confident in themselves and thousands of girls have already experienced a Mighty Girl workshop all over the world.  But it’s not enough. What I discovered along the way is that it takes a village to truly get the message across and a big part of this process is involving parents, schools and charities in this mighty girl empowerment movement. 

A mighty girl starts at home, she must be empowered at school and be supported by the community she lives in. This is the mighty girl way.

Alejandra Chavez – Founder and Director of Mighty Girl Mighty Life ®

If you’re looking for someone remarkable on the topic of girl empowerment and change, you just found her.

Alejandra’s speaking events are for everyone.

From young girls to adults, her presentations are tailored to the age of her audience with the one driving message that all girls are capable of living their best life and being the mighty girl she was born to be.

Whether you’re trying to motivate hundred of tweens/teens in a school or a dozen of parents in a library, I will not only inspire your audience to change, but I’ll also teach them how with actionable tips and strategies they can use right away. If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.


5 reasons to book Alejandra

What You Get With Alejandra’s Speaking Events

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All event participants receive a FREE digital download of the Mighty Girl Mighty Kit for their daughter(s) or students.
All event participants receive a 50% discount coupon for the online Mighty Girl Academy program.

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Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® is a unique and fun girl empowerment program, that uses art to teach young girls ages 8-12 the twelve most important life skills they need to be happier and more confident, the mighty girl way.    

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