In-School Empowerment Workshops
For Young Girls ages 8-16.

We empower girls with the life skills they need to build self-confidence, develop a growth mindset and unlock emotional resilience with the Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® Framework.

What Makes The Mighty Girl Mighty Life School Programs So Unique?

It's all about girl empowerment!

Every girl deserves to be the mighty girl she was born to be. In fact, the sooner she learns the important life skills she needs to get ahead of the tween confidence slump the better equipped she will be to face any challenge that comes her way.

Having worked with thousands of tween girls for almost 30 years as an art teacher and empowerment coach, I’ve seen many girls who were unable to see their true value and worth already at such a young age.

So I created Mighty Girl Mighty Life ®, a unique and fun girl empowerment program that uses art to engage and inspire girls to be happier and confident in themselves. I am so happy and excited to bring this program to schools and for every girl to experience the Mighty Girl way.

Alejandra Chavez – Founder and Director of Mighty Girl Mighty Life ®

Our In-School Programs For Girls Ages 8-16

Mighty Girl Mighty Life 
Full-day program for girls  based on the 4 core modules of the Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® Framework: Mindset, Emotions, Intuition and Challenges
Love Yourself UP!
A half-day program for girls that teaches important self-love and self-care rituals every mighty girl needs to know and do every day to love herself up.
I AM A Mighty Girl 
A tailored half-day program for girls made up of mini workshops from The Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® extended program.
Mighty Moments
A half-day program for girls that will teach each participant how to turn their challenges and problems into Mighty Moments of growth and learning.


Alejandra has a very important message to share with parents and schools all over the world:

The secret to raising and empowering young girls in 5 simple steps that will change their lives.

Alejandra gives a powerful 80-minute talk for parents of tween daughters that teaches the importance of girl empowerment. Parents will come away inspired with actionable tips and strategies they will be able to use straight away to help their daughters be more confident, starting at home.  

Alejandra’s speaking events are for everyone. 

From young girls to adults, her presentations are tailored to the age of her audience with the one driving message that all girls are capable of living their best life and being the mighty girl she was born to be

lady doing a talk
desk with the the cover of the mighty girl kit
All workshop participants receive a FREE digital download of the Mighty Girl Mighty Kit.

($19 value)

All full-day girl participants receive complimentary access to the online Mighty Girl Academy program.

 ($197 value)

Contact us to find out more and to bring our Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® program, talks and workshops to your school. All workshops can be tailored for teens 13-16.

Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® is a unique and fun girl empowerment program that uses art to engage and inspire girls ages 8-12 to be happier and more confident in themselves, the mighty girl way.  

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