‘I Am A Mighty Girl’ is a half-day school program for girls between the ages of 8-12. During this 3-hour workshop, each mighty girl will discover her one power word that will unleash the mighty girl she was born to be. Using a combination of artsy-crafty, interactive activities, the girls will explore the importance of acknowledging the mightiness in ourselves and in one another, the mighty girl way. This program is designed to remind each girl how brave, wonderful and mighty she already is.

Workshops Included In This Program

My Mighty Power Word

Each mighty girl will discover her unique power word that will unleash the mighty girl she was born to be. Her power word will serve as her daily reminder of how brave, wonderful and mighty she already is.

Mighty Friendships

The mighty girls will explore how to deal with conflict, peer pressure, and the qualities a true mighty friendship has including why sisterhood is more important than competition. They will also discover the most important friendships each mighty girl must nurture first. 

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All half-day workshop participants receive a digital download of the Mighty Girl Kit.


Alejandra has a very important message to share with parents and schools all over the world:
The secret to raising and empowering young girls in 5 simple steps that will change their lives. 
Alejandra gives a powerful 80-minute workshop for parents of tween daughters that teaches the importance of girl empowerment. Parents will come away inspired with actionable tips and strategies they will be able to use straight away to help their daughters be more confident, starting at home.  
Alejandra’s speaking events are for everyone.
From young girls to adults, her presentations are tailored to the age of her audience with the one driving message that all girls are capable of living their best life and being the mighty girl she was born to be.
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Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® is a unique and fun girl empowerment program that uses art to engage and inspire girls ages 8-12 to be happier and more confident in themselves, the mighty girl way.    

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